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Q:  Do I need to have any experience fishing or being on a boat?  
A:  No, we are happy to take newbies or those with experience.  Captain Sam specializes in introducing adults and children to the basics and instilling the love of fishing.  

Q:  Do I need to have my own equipment?
A:  No, the boat is fully equipped with all of the safety and state of the art fishing equipment, including rods, needed. 

Q:  Do I have to clean my own fish?
A:  No! Captain Sam will get your fish ready to eat and, since he is a trained chef he can also give you some great cooking tips!

Q:  Am I required to obtain a fishing license? 
A:  No.  The boat is fully licensed and while on THERAPY you are fully covered for your day's catch. There is no additional paperwork or expense.  

Q:  What if the weather on the day I booked is unsuitable for fishing?  
A:  Unless the weather conditions make for a dangerous trip, for example a storm, storm warning or small craft advisory the trip will run as scheduled. The Captain reserves the right to reschedule due to weather or mechanical problems. In the event of mechanical  problems and if conditions warrant one boat may be substituted for the other without notice. Once departed from dock you are responsible for trip. Deposits are refundable 7 days prior to your reservation.
Q:  Am I guaranteed a catch? 
A:  No, but after years of experience the Captain knows where fish can be found.  The vast majority of our guests leave the day with fish in hand.  
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