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What We Fish

Best fishing - Late May to October


A popular sport fish also known as "striper" and "rockfish". Boston Harbor is the epicenter of striper fishing. This fish is native to the East Coast and has been a common prize off the waters of Massachusetts since the 1600s.  

These fighting fish come in all size ranges and will make you earn your prize! 

Winter Flounder

Best fishing - Beginning mid-April

Boston was once known as the Flounder Capital of the World. Winter Flounder are also known as "black back".  These bottom feeders are great fishing for all ages but especially for teaching young children.


Winter Flounder are a flat fish with both eyes on one side. They are the most sedentary of all fish.  

Striped Bass


Best fishing - June to October


These "yellow-eyed devils" have razor sharp teeth and fight like a fish three times their size. These teeth have left many fisherman with a imprint. 


Bluefish are found regularly throughout the Atlantic Ocean. 

They migrate to the warmer waters of the Atlantic, like Boston, to spawn during the summer and fall months.  

Bluefin Tuna

Best fishing - July to October

The most magnificent fish in the Atlantic and, also one of the hardest to catch! We Specialize in lighter tackle, trolling live bait and small bars. We choose our spots based on migration and feeding patterns and, adapt our techniques accordingly.